Dog Training Services

One to one training

One to one dog training begins with a consultation in your home to discuss your requirements. I will then support you, your family and your dog, to reach your training goals together.

If you have something specific you want help with or if your dog is too shy or reactive to go to a class – this is the perfect opportunity!

In a private lesson you have my full attention and we can go through so much more than in a class environment.

I can help you with many different training needs including recall, walking with a loose lead, general manners at home and when out, anti-social barking, clicker training, tricks and confidence building.

Like to find out more about training?

First 1 hour 15 mins session includes initial consultation and costs £50. Subsequent sessions are charged at £40 per hour.

Puppy home visits

The sooner the better! Even before you pick up your new companion there is a benefit to booking a visit to make sure you are prepared from day one.

During a puppy home visit, I will advise you on the best way to manage areas such as; socialisation, house training, puppy play biting, handling, separation training and managing behaviour.

When you collect your puppy they are already part of the way through their crucial socialisation period, which is when they learn about the world around them. This period only lasts until they are about 4 months of age, so it is vital to ensure you manage this first month of their lives with you well to give your dog the best start in life. Puppies that have not been well socialised in the right way or not habituated to sounds, places and experiences may have problems later in life with fear and nervousness.

You want your puppy to be confident, happy and prepared for life and I can set you off on the right track!

Interested in a puppy home visit?

A puppy home visit lasts 1 hour 30 mins and costs £60.

Helper Dog Training

I am also able to offer support if you would like your dog to help you with everyday tasks, such as; picking up keys, opening doors and cupboards or waking you up. Dogs can also learn to help calm you if you suffer with anxiety or panic attacks.

Dogs can be a great support for people and children with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder). I have a University of Birmingham Certificate in ASDs and thus able to offer advice with regards to teaching dogs to help with some of the anxieties that are often associated with ASDs.

This service will be assessed on an individual basis depending on your needs. Please contact me via email to discuss in more detail.

Interested in helper dog training?

Please contact me to discuss your needs