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At Positive Dog, I use a reward-based training approach to motivate dogs to perform appropriate behaviours. I use a variety of items, such as food and toys, as well as life experiences, such as play, to ensure that the rewards on offer are of high value to the individual dog. Research tells us that this approach to dog training is both effective at achieving desired results and in the best interests of the dog. My work through Pawtonomy focuses on enabling members of the autistic community to train their own support dog.

I aim to guide each dog I work with to learn for themselves which behaviours will result in them getting their needs met, or something they want (that is, by performing the behaviours their owners want to see) and which do not (the behaviours that owners view as undesirable). By learning that owner-desired behaviours bring about reward and pleasure, dogs soon begin to exhibit these behaviours more often, whilst the other, non-rewarded behaviours become less frequent.

I take a holistic approach to training and use the methods and equipment suitable for each dog’s individual temperament; prior learning; likes; dislikes; and needs. I want training to be enjoyable and successful for both dog and owner.

As well as ensuring each dog’s needs are being considered and met, I also take care to work with dog owners and families to help them to build a good relationship with their dog. Establishing mutual understanding can help to create a strong bond and ensure owners and dogs can enjoy each other’s company for many years.

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About me

Having lived around dogs and animals my whole life and worked for many years supporting people to live more independent and fulfilling lives, it was a natural progression for me to bring my two passions together.

Training dogs is not only about teaching them how to follow cues and fit into the human world; it is also about building a positive relationship between dogs and humans based on mutual understanding. I am committed to helping clients develop the skills they need for success in both areas.

Based in Surrey, I am a fully qualified member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers; a trainer for Dog A.I.D. (Assistance In Disability); and an approved trainer for KAD (Kids Around Dogs).

I also work in partnership with Dr Julia Leatherland (PhD), via Pawtonomy, to deliver a training programme which enables members of the autistic community to train their own dog to be their assistance or support dog.

I am committed to regularly updating my skills, through continuing professional development, in order to offer clients training that promotes modern, scientific and fun methods.




I am based in Woking and offer services in the Surrey area.